New blog design

If you’re reading this, the new blog is finally live!

That’s right, after purchasing a domain name, putting up a landing page, leaving it alone for a few years, setting up a Jekyll blog with a default template, leaving it alone for a year, setting up a half-broken site with just two articles, leaving it for a year…

I’ve finally gotten around to making my own blog. I’ve wanted to for a while now. I don’t want Facebook to own what I post, I don’t want to use Tumblr after they gave a middle finger to their userbase, DeviantArt was kind of a weird place to share my poems, so I thought I might as well share them on GitHub Pages. I know, it’s an odd choice, but as long as it’s free and easy to use, who am I to complain.

I’m quite proud of the site’s minimalist yet highly readable design. I stole Facebook’s idea to make my site blue by default so it looks better to people with red-green color blindness. If you have missed it, the home page features a button that lets you change the color of the site! That’s right. The entire color-palette project is actually what got me motivated enough to work on my blog in the first place. Though I must say, I’m quite happy it’s finally done and I can move on to better things.

Like actually writing poetry or articles about everything I want to write about. Expect me to repost some of my finest work from other sites over the next few weeks.