Hello! I hope you’re having a nice day. Is that a new haircut? Don’t worry, I can’t actually see you. And if you don’t have hair, sorry for making things unrelatable.

My name is Domino and this is my personal blog. I am a computer addict who works, eats and sleeps in Canada, and I have fun doing other things too—though rarely outside my country. I speak French and English, I like Pepsi and Coca-Cola equally, and on Wednesdays I wear pink. I also make liberal use of the Oxford comma. As you might have figured out, I’m not very serious when I don’t have to be. This blog is the place where I write about technology, gaming, ethics and linguistics. This is also where I share the poetry and song lyrics I write in my free time.

The colors on this website are carefully generated using HSLuv, an adaptation of the CIELUV color space, which provides an intuitive way to generate colors of specific perceived lightness. I studied the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, experimented with various tools and figured out a way to generate palettes I liked which respected the Level AAA recommendations for text contrast. I also took extra precautions for people who are color blind by making my palette monochromatic. I can’t afford to go over everything, but if you rely on accessibility tools to browse my website, I’d like to know if there’s something I can do to make that easier for you.

The font I’m using is Domine. I simply had to use this font—something about it just sounds like me, haha! It has more breathing space and shorter serifs than Times New Roman and is less curved than Garamond, making it a much better choice for articles meant to be read on a computer screen.

This website is hosted on GitHub for free, and was built using Jekyll. Not because it’s a perfect tool but because it is an accessible blog engine. I wanted to focus more on style and content than technical novelty. With that said, the source code for the site is available if you want to take inspiration for how to create your own. The content and design of the site I keep the rights to, but I don’t mind if you use the bits of JavaScript or Liquid templating that allow the pages to stick together.

Since this site is distributed from static files, the random post page and the search page will only work if you have JavaScript enabled. You also need to enable JavaScript and localStorage if you want to customize the site’s colors from the home page, and if you want to run the little code experiments I might publish every now and then. But for the most part, you should be fine browsing the blog even without JavaScript as long as you’re not using Internet Explorer or some shady mobile browser.

Now go have some fun!