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⛓️ Broken Chains
🎼 song
song, axel, chain, friendship, kingdom_hearts, love, memory, nobody, nostalgia, oblivion, poem, roxas, xion
🤥 Lies
🎼 song
song, beauty, contrast, evil, good, growth, lies, poem, slam, society
🍬 Bittersweet
🎼 song
song, addiction, depression, haiku, poem, sugar, toxic
🐈 The Beast in a Domino
🎼 song
song, beast, domino, haiku, innuendo, monogatari_series, poem, secrets, sex, tsubasa_hanekawa
🦁 What is Pride
🏳️‍🌈 diversity
diversity, LGBT, discrimination, pride, queer
🆘 A Guide to Stack Overflow
💻 dev
dev, guide, help, netiquette, stack_exchange, stack_overflow
🔉 One-dimensional Auditive Adventure
🎮 gaming
gaming, game_concept, graphics_focus, one_dimensional, sound_focus
🎨 New blog design
💻 dev
dev, blog_update
❣️ Different games
🎮 gaming
gaming, frog_fractions, kingdom_of_loathing, minecraft, nier_automata, recommendation, steins;gate, the_beginner's_guide, the_binding_of_isaac
🥤 Colateral
🎼 song
song, addiction, cola, eroticism, innuendo, poem, sex
🍨 Chocolate and Vanilla
📜 tale
tale, bisexuality, chocolate, diversity, ice_cream, poem, vanilla
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