Quench my thirst, soothe this curse with just a slurp or two Let us venture together, surrender all virtue My savior is your flavor and we’re long overdue I wanna drown myself deep down a sea of you

Sweeter than any liquor our love is a perfect brew Popping bubbles in the skull on every rendez-vous Passion is just an addiction that we follow through I lust for tasting your perfection and blending with you

Don’t give me insuline Gimme cola For my sake caffeine -free cola Don’t care about branding Cheap cola I’m feeling loco going Coca-Cola Non j’oublie ici c’est Pepsi cola

In paradise I’ll be swimming In pools of bacon and cola In pools of bacon and cola In pools of bacon and cola Yeah…

You’ll never meet anyone this serious with their drinks So honest with their feelings, so open about kinks Yes my dreams are in the brown much more than in the pink For you I’ll always be down - come fill me to the brink

Sugar fueling my mind, the adrenaline kicks in Never opening the blinds - you are a soft awakenin’ You keep me standin’ when I better be sleepin’ Yet despite all the warnings I give up - I give in!

When I need comforting Lemon cola At parties I’m spicing Rhum and cola If I’m the one driving Virgin cuba I’m sure it’s a not sin Vanilla On summer days poppin’ Cherry cola

It’s what I’m really craving Vanilla cherry cola Vanilla cherry cola VANILLA CHERRY COLA YEAH!