Goretober 2021

The following is a series of short stories written over the month of October 2021 based on a series of short prompts made by DeviantArt user crisis-arts. These stories include very graphic descriptions and may not be appropriate for young or easily disturbed audiences.

  1. Stabbed
  2. Fungi
  3. Pins
  4. On a platter
  5. Bites
  6. Cannibalism
  7. Candy gore
  8. Glitch
  9. Insects
  10. Burning
  11. Experiment
  12. Parasite
  13. Crystals
  14. Decapitation
  15. Shattered
  16. Plants
  17. Nosebleed
  18. Neon gore
  19. Transformation
  20. Poisoned
  21. Hanahaki disease
  22. Amputation
  23. Stitches
  24. Freakshow
  25. Melting
  26. Possession
  27. Bandages
  28. Impaled
  29. Bisection
  30. Bruises
  31. Bones

1. Stabbed

The music was loud in the nightclub. Verbose exchanges had long drowned under the alcohol and synthesized brass. Mischievous teens threw jabs at their friends throwing up. Canines shone under the UV lamps, outlining the batty nature of the crowd.

The music was loud in the streets. It could be heard even from under the station’s floodlights, where wanderers stopped to catch their breath and nicotine. The waves followed like predators the ones seeking shelter from their migraine. It is there, in a pool of sawtooth and blood, that they found his body.

Although the pain muffled the melody, he could still feel the synth through the makeshift blade. A stab on every bar. The mercilessness of the sharp notes as the key opened his thorax, guitar shreds pouring his blood under the neon lights.

A siren emerged from the darkness, but the Eurobeat kept playing as a police car drifted towards the castaway’s wet corpse.

Come back for more later.