While a lie might grow awhile until it fools a whole people Chasing the truth like fools can be the root of great evil

How many wrongs are done in the name of good and god? Even the fruits of sin can fund a worthy cause And a tissue of lies cause one to fall in love

Love is an addiction that’s hard to get rid of

To fend off of an oppressor you fight fire with fire While fire can consume so can it warm the bed you lie in

Winter’s cold is sickening but so are spring’s dandelions

Without its thorns to make it prickly would a rose be quite as pretty?

Beauty is such a fragile thing, a superficial fling But would you rather trust a harpy or a prince charming?

Good looks can grant a job - good grief if you’re a fraud

Even hollow words can fill the world with hope Powerful enough to motivate change and growth

Growing up makes you wise or makes you weak And makes you stubborn, makes you believe the promise Of the lies that fuel prejudice